Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 16

Tonight while at the grocery store with the kids and while standing in line just trying to get through the checkout without a complete meltdown from my adorable 7 year old who just couldn't understand why I would not give him yet another quarter to put in yet another machine at the front doors for yet another cheap toy.... he decided to try to distract and out smart me...  He says to me, "Mom, do you think they have one of those bucket things or a place to give money to the homeless people or something?"  He did get my attention and I started looking around, thinking that usually they do have something at the registers- when I, with the help of my daughter, spotted the Check Out for Harvesters donation coupons.  They have these available in $1, $5 and $10 increments.  Immediately Bella rips off the $1 and hands it to the cashier, I smiled and said ok, then Anthony says he wants the $10 one?!  Well, that just wouldn't be fair, so we agreed on another $1 donation!!  We just fed 10 people for only $2!  Then we had to proceed still all the way to the car, to explain how that money- the equivalent of four quarters that we just donated for each of them, fed 5 people who otherwise wouldn't have been able to eat.  Although he tried to argue the point with me and to explain how the Indians didn't have money when they were here with the Pilgrims and how they had to live off their crops on the land~ I think in the long run, he "got it."  At least I hope I'm making some sort of impression?!

Then, just to top off our night of giving, the man behind me with a turkey under each arm, asked if I'd be so kind to let him use my Hen House card too?!  Well heck yeah, who wouldn't?!  Silly man!!  Sure made his night and saved him a pretty penny too!

Harvesters can turn a $1 donation into 5 meals. How do we do it? By leveraging that dollar to acquire, transport, sort, store and distribute enough donated food to feed five people. Where else can you get that kind of return on your investment?
To find out more about Harvesters- visit their website at:

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ryr said...

Ooooh, I bet he was so mad he couldn't get more money from you. Mine do the same thing. I like your "giving" theme, it's awesome. On another note, it bugs me that my blog shows up as "grief gone wrong", when the real newest one is "what's your security blanket".....hmmm, not sure what the dealy is. Later my friend. :)