Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness?

I don't really know what started it, but the other day at work we somehow got on the subject of random acts of kindness...  One girl was talking about a trip to Dollar General and how the lady in front of her with her baby in toe, had to put back the toilet paper she was going to buy as she just didn't have quite enough to pay for it.  Now, we've all been there before when you get to the checkout and you left your wallet at home, the debit card in the car, your spouse forgot to give you the new credit card and yours is expired~ or even just when you didn't have quite enough....  not only is it embarrassing, but I can't even imagine to have to choose what to put back, and not having enough for toilet paper.  Well, the girl I work with must have felt those same emotions as she went ahead and paid for the toilet paper with her items and caught up with the new mom still loading the baby into the car.  How very grateful she was and couldn't thank her enough!!

The other gal at work shared a similar story that had just happened to her when leaving Sam's and meeting a young lady at the gas pumps.  The young girl was trying to use a Wal-Mart gift card she had to pay for her gas, but the pump wasn't able to read and/or accept it.  Frustrated and out of gas, she asked, nearly begged to sell her gift card for some gas money.  My colleague refused to take her gift card, but did give her $10 and followed her to QT to make sure she got there safely and was able to get the gas she truly needed.  Again, the girl was extremely grateful. 

Well, of course not wanting to be without my own little tid-bit to add... I just had to chime in!  Of course, my story paled in comparison.  But still an act of kindness that was witnessed and this time to me!!!  This was my silly 'ol story and quest for the infamous and impossible to find Zhu Zhu pet!  A friend tipped me off that Wal-Mart was going to have them in the ad on Sunday and would have them available- yet in limited supplies.  Well, since everyone knows that Sunday starts at Midnight- I high-tailed it up there at 12:00 on the nose.  Only to find out that the line started at 11:30pm!  They had 20 come in and with a limit of 2 per person, that meant that the first 10 people there got them!  Bummer.  I missed that boat, but shrugged it off, no big deal. I figured I'd make the most of it and pick up the dog food and few other things I needed so I wouldn't have to battle the crowds on Sunday anyway.  Then as I was walking out the door, I ran into my friend- you know, the one that tipped me off!!  This was his 3rd Wal-Mart for the night and when I told him the news, he and his friend left too...  who woulda thought?!  Then low and behold, next thing I know as I'm loading up my van and getting ready to head home, he stopped at my car and asked when Bella's birthday was.  I told him it wasn't till the 17th and that I had a full 10 days to shop- no big deal.  He snickered a little, handed me the cutest little white pet hampster, Zhu Zhu and wished me luck.  What a guy!  I'll pay him back, just as soon as I can and he knows it- he's just not holding his breath!!!  Supposedly, the next shipment is expected December 1st....

Which leads me to Sunday's Sermon in church.  The topic was about giving....  and mentioned in the sermon was the book "A Month of Giving."  Well, in googling the subject of 30 days of giving, 1 month of giving and other various ideas- I came across the 29 Gifts Movement.  Originally, while sitting and listening to the sermon, I thought this would be a great idea to write down and chart our giving within the family, but since hearing the stories at work and doing even more research- I thought I'd put it out there and see who's up for a challenge?  Shoot me an email and sign up with me!  It's become quite the movement already and I can't wait to journal my progress, share my stories and hear from you too!


Karisma said...

Day 1: 2 small bottles of Coconut M&Ms

Day 2: Sharing story time again with the kids.

Day 3: Sharing the kids' Halloween candy at work. This obviously has multiple benefits, but the kids were also generously paid for their goods. :O)

Rachel said...

And I am so thankful for your candy. I am so grouchy without the chocolate!