Monday, November 30, 2009

A Week Of Giving - Days 17-23

Another week has flown by!  A week with family, a week of celebrating, a week with friends, a week of Thankfulness and A WEEK OF GIVING!!

Now, if only I can think back and remember that far...... oh boy!!

Tuesday- Day 17
 It's the hardest yet to remember, while I'm absolutely certain it was there~
I'm gonna have to get back to you on that one!  :O)

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Wednesday- Day 18

'Twas the day before mom and dad's 45th Wedding Anniversary, so I loaded up the kids and we went to the ponderosa to wish them well and to share the love!!  The kids worked so hard and decorated a card to the tee!  We picked out some absolutely *gorgeous* flowers for them to keep and to plant to bloom each year after year and a wonderful bottle for the two of them to share!!

Thursday- Day 19

Also known as THANKSGIVING.  It was so easy to give today and to be thankful and to be greatful for all that we have, those that we know and those that we love.  We started of with a trip to McDonald's on our way out of town and made certain to "Give a Hand" for the Ronald McDonald House and those in need. Then we headed to the land of Des Moines where we shared a fabulous new Pumpkin Trifle desert at the dinner at the church.  We met some new friends and played games with the kids!  Then to top of the day, we gave our undivided attention to our kids with a family night out- at the Buc's game!!  Nothing like good 'ol Iowa hockey!!  Especially when the kids KNOW one of the players personally and he LIVES with their cousins!!  How very cool is that!?

Friday - Day 20

Oh me oh my- today, I gave till it hurt!!!  They call it "Black Friday."  The day that the stores break out of the red...  This year, I had also heard it referred to as "Green Friday" at Toys R Us, as this was the day that they "made a lot of green" and even Blue Friday as advertised in KMart's big ad?!  We're thinking this one goes back to the days of "blue light special!"  And if you too remember that~ maybe I'm really not so old!?  LOL!  We went to bed somewhere between 11:30 and 12am, for a short nap as the alarms went off at 1:30am to leave the house by 2 to pick up a friend and be at the Old Navy for their doorbusters by 3am!!  Holy moly!!!  What were we thinking?!  Heck, we were done by 8:30am and couldn't even begin to tell you of all of our savings!!! Hee hee...  Today we felt like Marines- getting more shopping done before 9am, than most people get done all day!!!  So, Friday, needless to say- I gave to the economy!!

Saturday- Day 21

To be honest with you, somewhere between Thursday and Friday and the lack of sleep in there- it's really hard to say, if it happened on this day or if happened on that!?  But somewhere in there, we even snuck in another quick trip to the grocery store for some odds and some ends and another great feast was purchased and given at the register for another one in need.... 

Sunday- Day 22

Once again, I gave my afternoon to the children.  Sunday's have been practice days for the upcoming Christmas Hang Ups~ our musical at church.  The kids have been working and studying and practicing soooo hard since September and with only 2 practices left, this Sunday was pretty essential!!  The kids are doing great and the show's sure to be a hit!!

Monday- Day 23
So much to do, so much to say....It's incredibly hard to think for a week, but what about just one day?!  Back to work, back to the grindstone- it's in it's out, it's Monday....  oridinary ol' no big deal Monday....
But it didn't feel that way to everyone I know.
I'm sure that my friend Dana would beg to differ as this is a day she's marked down in her book.
Today was her daughter Delaney's surgery, a big one I'm sure.  So I've given prayers for her, for both of them and for their family and friends.  As God is watching from above, it's through Him that they are given strength and through Us that we give support.  We love you sweet Delaney!!!

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