Monday, August 28, 2006

Live what you love.

Ok, ok, so I know I haven't been on for a while, but suddenly got busy with life instead. I thought that as a Realtor, I needed to go through just what my clients go through in order to truly empathise with their every move. Pun intended... Sooooo, within the last two weeks, when we weren't really even looking for a house, we stumbled across the house we just had to have. Now, don't get me wrong, it's not perfect by any means- it is a bank forclosure and repossession and it needs just a little work (a little sarcasm there), but we see the potential and made an offer immediately! Within just a few hours, our offer was accepted and the pressure to get our house cleaned up and on the market was ON!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Hello out there!? If you've visiting, you could at least post a comment...... :P Thanks much!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"Mommy Stay Home Day"
That's what we call Wednesday's.... It's our special day together. And today, we spent it at the pool! Too fun! And a little too much sun. The kiddos had a BLAST and are sleeping like sweet little babies tonight! Enjoy a few snapshots that really tell a story of their own.

Anthony's addicted to diving! Bella loves swimming in deep water...

Now, for my technology update...... FIXED! Thanks for listening. And as I catch up on my Rock Star Supernova, super saga.... THANK YOU! FINALLY T-Lee and the boys are listening to me and they're making multiple cuts! I thought the first 3 rockers in the bottom three should have been cut right then and there to save all the rest of us the torture...... And what's up with Zayra? I think people are voting for her just so we won't have to listen to her again. :P Well, that's all for tonight, peace out and rock on!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ok, so this is where the real life part comes in.... I'm sure that everyone wants to learn more about the basics of agency and contracts and home inspections and what not- and not to worry, I'll still keep posting news you can use. But my reality is seriously technically challenged right now. And the humor in it all is that I'm missing my favorite reality shows: Big Brother 7- All Stars and Rock Star Supernova! Ok, so being a busy Realtor and mother of two (ages 2 &4), I need my DVR to be working appropriately so that I can follow my shows and catch up on my laptop while doing laundry deep into the wee small hours of the morning. :P So, anyone out there that can help- I'd greatly appreciate it. I have an LG- DVR w/ built in hard drive- LRM-519. It has to be connected to the internet to connect to Microsoft Program Guide in order for me to have my program guides updated and followed when recording a series...... anyway, despite all my best efforts, I just can't get it to "connect!" I've unplugged all my connections, replugged and reconnected, but nothing- and OBVIOUSLY I can still get online or I wouldn't be as I sit and type. Some days, my feelings about technology are really love and hate. And yes, I do realize that if only all my problems could be so disasterous..... I mean seriously, I could be the Kansas City Chiefs trying to pick out a new touchdown theme song. :P

Friday, August 04, 2006

What exactly is buyers agency?

Until the last few years, real estate agents always represented the seller, not the buyer in real estate transactions. You can now have an agent specifically committed to representing you, from the initial selection of properties to mortgage approval, contract negotiations and on through the settlement process. To clarify our relationship and to protect your interests, you should have a signed agency agreement.

You will receive skilled and professional service when you select Reece & Nichols and myself to represent you in the home buying process. As Kansas City's #1 Real Estate Company, we help more than 25,000 families move each year.

We have found that buying a home may raise many questions. Let's get together to answer your questions and discuss your home buying goals and objectives. Then we can create and implement and effective action plan to find your new home.
Missouri Laws Regarding Brokerage Relationships
Missouri law allows licensees to work for hte interest of one or both parties in a transaction. It also allows the licensee to work in a neutral position. The law requires that if you want representation, you must enter into a written agreement. These agreements vary and you may also want to consider an exclusive or nonexclusive type of relationship. If you choose not to be represented by an agent, the licensee working with you may be working for the other party to the transaction.
*Prescribed by the Missouri Real Estate Commission as of January, 2005
Reece and Nichols authorizes the following types of Relationships:
Designated Agent: Acts as your specific agent, whether you are a buyer or tenant, or seller or landlord. When the broker makes this appointment, the other real estate licensees in the company do not represent you.
There are two exceptions with both resulting in dual agency:
1. The agent representing you as a buyer or tenant is also the agent who listed the property you may want to buy or lease.
2. The supervising broker of two designated agents becomes involved in the transaction.
Transaction Broker: Does not represent either party, therefore, does not advocate the interest of either party.
A Transaction Broker is responsible for performing the following:
  • Protect the confidences of both parties
  • Exercise reasonable skill and care
  • Present all written offers in a timely manner
  • Keep the parties fully informed
  • Account for all money and property received
  • Assist the parties in complying with the terms and conditions of the contract
  • Disclose to each party of the transaction any adverse material facts known by the licensee
  • Suggest that the parties obtain expert advice.

A transaction broker shall not disclose:

  • Buyer/Tenant will pay more than the purchase or lease price
  • Seller/Landlord will accept less than the asking or lease price
  • Motivating factors of the parties
  • Seller/Buyer will accept financing terms other than those offered.

A transaction broker has no duty to:

  • conduct an independent inspection of, or discover any defects in, the property for the benefit of either party
  • conduct an independent investigation of the buyer's financial condition

Disclosed Dual Agent: With the written consent of all parties, represents both the seller and the buyer or the landlord and the tenant.

A Disclosed Dual Agent may disclose any information to either party that the licensee gains that is material to the transaction.

A dual agent may not disclose information that is considered confidential, such as:

  • Buyer/Tenant will pay more than the purchase price or lease rate
  • Seller/Landlord will accept less than the asking price or lease rate
  • Either party will agree to financing terms other than those offered
  • Motivating factors for any person buying, selling or leasing the property
  • Terms of any prior offers or counter offers made by any party.

The above information is taken directly from the Missouri Broker Disclosure Form, please refer to this form for more information and types of brokerage relationships available.