Saturday, September 22, 2007

Family Weekend!

Anthony swimming, diving and belly flopping at the Hotel- WITHOUT a lifejacket! Running with the big cousins and having a BLAST!! My how he's (they've) grown....

Bella's not one to be afraid of the water by any means either! And such the little negotiater.... you should have seen her kissing on her daddy to throw her "just one more time, or maybe just ten?!" And for the first time ever- swimming alone with her lifejacket, letting it hold her up without being attached to mommy!! I didn't even know that was possible!!

Over the summer, at "cousin camp" Anthony mastered the tree climbing, so of course he just couldn't resist showing off just a little bit!!

Tree hugger alert! Although she can't quite get up there all herself, she sure does love being up in the trees with her big brother!! I'm sure she's thinking, "anything he can do, I can do better..." or at least cuter!

I was trying for Five Little Monkeys in a Tree....... sometimes, you just take what you can get. :O)

Everybody really enjoyed a day at Adventureland! Here we have 5 Little Frogs saying "Ribbit!"

Anthony and Jonah got in this Big Truck, while Anthony motioned to his sister to get in back! She drove the Big Blue Truck right on their tail the whole time!

Aunt Tam and Uncle Jim enjoyed a Ferris Wheel ride with me and Bella. A nice relaxing ride, till the mom in Tam slipped out when Bella was trying to get up and look over the side!

Olivia and Bella enjoy another fun ride together!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Little OCD...

From "House Notes"
September 2006
Volume 2
Issue 9
A Newsletter from your friends at The Inspection Company

"You Can Avoid Over Thinking, Brooding"
Humans are the only species prone to over thinking, say psychologists at Ohio State University. They can fall into "mental," and that's not harmless. New studies show taht those who ruminate have higher blood pressure and heart rates, less effective immune systems, higher stress levels, and more depression.
Over thinking os often caused by trying to solve problems or get over life's traumas say researchers at Temple University. Sometimes, however, the best answer to a problem has not become available or clear. Constantly thinking about it does no good.

*A better idea is to settle on a time when you will consider it again and decide not to think about it until then.
*Putting your true feelings about a situation down on paper helps to determine what your feelings are, which can be very helpful.
* Avoid discussing the problem over and over with friends who will sympathize with you. Talk to people who can suggest solutions.
* Meditate or pray fequently when you are besieged by overthinking.
* Work on trying to understand adn forgive someone who wronged you.
* Consider whether your expectations in this situation were unrealistic and whether they still are.

Doctors at Purdue University say "worrywarts" don't let things roll off their backs. They cope poorly and may be anxious or depressed.

And now for my editiorial...

It was just too appropriate when I first read this article on Tuesday and nothing seemed to be going my way that day... it just seemed that I was moving in "reverse..." You know one of those days when you're running just slightly late, but seem to be moving along anyway and then you realize that you've got to back track for one reason or another then you get a phone call and have to switch gears and reroute, only to find out later - that there really was an easier way- a way around what you did only to receive one of those phone calls of critisism that is not exactly taken constructively, but more so as a stab at the heart personally attacking everything you thought you knew.... that was my day.... it was just too fitting. I took the advice, talked to a friend with solutions (not exactly the solutions I wanted to hear, but at least options....), I decided not to focus on it and instead to take a brain break and to surf the web and de-think! It really worked! Of course a little one on one with God is always a winner and lately I find my son's new favorite song stuck in my head day in and day out serving as a constant reminder from Jeremiah 29:11, "I know, I know, I know, I know the plans God has for you, declared the Lord...plans to prosper, not to harm you, for hope and a future!" I know that may not be exactly as quoted from the bible, but that's just as it is imbedded in my brain after hearing my 5 1/2 year old sing it over and over again with a happy heart! And people ask me all the time if I ever have any second thoughts, concerns or regrets about sending him to this school, versus public?! NOT A ONE! We absolutely love it and couldn't imagine anything better at this time! And still in line with my story above and in a round about way.... When visiting in Iowa for family weekend this weekend, his Aunt Tam was asking him what he was learning in Kindergarten and he was telling her all about Joseph and his colorful coat, his 11 brothers and the story that follows..... it was amazing how much he could recall, relate and retell- I'm thinking Tam's familiarity with the story and knowing the right questions to ask really helped too. It lead to his personal sermon today from his Uncle, Pastor Jim and stemming from that bible story and how Joseph forgave his brothers and God blessed him for his forgiveness. Again, instead of brooding over our issues and those who have wronged us, instead forgiving them and allowing God to bless us can not only take a tremendous weight off your shoulders, but can provide an internal peace that we desire.

Thanks for listening to my 2c.

Stay tuned for more stories and pictures from the weekend, coming soon....

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Even Bella found a slide to enjoy! Thought you might enjoy some pictures from the infamous "Uncle Jay's Lake" aka: The Lake of the Ozarks! Aside from a dog bite (daddy) and an upset stomach (mommy) and a boat breaking down in the middle of the lake (uncle jay and aunt/miss cathy) the kids had a great time!