Friday, December 29, 2006

Visiting Family in Iowa

This week we've been visiting family in Iowa at the in-laws. We've been staying at Kristi's with her two kids- Jonah (6 1/2) and Olivia who's 5. The kids have been having a blast with their cousins! But even better than that was during the days we've been at Nana & Papa O's where their other 2 sets of aunts and uncles have been staying with the other 11 grandkids! Yes, I said 11 more! FIFTEEN kids all together! They range in ages from 23 (I think) to my daughter who just turned 3. Needless to say, it's great to get together and see everyone as that just doesn't happen much. It's hard to find a time when everyone is available at the same time. Especially for the Prichard's who have 4 of their 7 kids in college right now!

All of the "big cousins" have now left and it will just be us with the little cousins now through New Years. Tony will have the weekend off when he too will finally get to come and join in the festivities. It's sad to say that he had to miss everything and his family too. But the kids are finally napping and as everyone is trying to clean up and catch up, I thought I would do the same. Enjoy some snapshots!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Our Family "Camp-Out"

Saturday night was "camp-out" night at our house. A night where we get out the sleeping bags and this time we blew up the air mattress, then we camp out in mommy and daddy's room by the fireplace watching movies and eating popcorn (upstairs!). Something that we all enjoy and look forward too! Our new family tradition?! The movie: Barnyard! The kids loved it, but had to watch the ending in the morning... I think they pooped out earlier that night than half the nights I just try to get them to go to bed. Oh what a difference a nap makes! Hee hee.

The next day after church and learning about Christmas~the celebration of Jesus's Birthday, we made Christmas cookies with lots of sprinkles and decorations! Yummy!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Crayola Playland

Today we saw Santa at Crown Center! What fun the kids had at the Crayola playland there too! So, what did they ask for this year from Santa? Anthony asked for a Power Ranger Kick set and a Power Ranger game and some Transformers while Bella asked for a stroller. She also told me that she wanted him to bring her a rocking chair and some flowers. Our friend Sarah told him that she wanted some toys to play with. Trust me, that girl has toys! But it truly makes me think and to reflect upon the simplicity and innocence of the desires they have, while we commercialize the holidays so much and try to buy them everything that we can possibly afford. And then the sweetness and tenderness within my son was really brought out when he pleaded with me to go back to see Santa again as there were some things that he forgot to tell him, of course I agreed, and when we got there, he told Santa that he needed him to bring mommy a cash register and daddy a robot and not to forget nana and papa too- that they really needed a plate and a fork as they really enjoy cooking. And that was why he needed so badly to go back, to see Santa to ask him to bring thing for others. So sweet and so thoughtful. I hope you enjoy the pictures. (I'll keep working on them- uploaded twice, but still nothing....) Third time was NOT a charm... I guess it was the fourth time that made it work! :P

Monday, December 11, 2006

What a GREAT Time to Sell Real Estate!

*NAR Economist, David Lereah says:

"We now have the most favorable market for home buyers in several years, and most sellers- who've been in their home for a normal period of homeownership - are still seeing very healthy returns on their investment. Conditions for buyers have improved because sellers are flexible now and mortgage interest rates are near historic lows. The market promises to be more balanced between buyers and sellers by early spring, supporting future price growth,"

Existing-home sales, expected to fall 8.6 percent to 6.47 million this year - the third-best performance on record - are projected to be essentially even in 2007 with a 0.6 percent decline to 6.43 million according to RealTrends

New poll finds consumers still confident of home values

Americans remain highly confident about the nations's housing prospects, with more than four out of five homeowners expecting the value of their home to appreciate over the next five years and nearly seven out of 10 calling it their most valuable investment, according to results from a new nationwide survey conducted by RT Strategies. The polling found that 81 percent of homeowners believe that the value of their homes will rise over the next five years.

New poll finds consumers still confident of home values

The poll clearly debunks the more sensational media reports speculating on the demise of the housing market," said David Pressly, president of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). "It is interesting to note that other polls conducted by major news organizations have come up with similar results, indicating that despite the current housing market downturn Americans resoundingly believe that buying a home is the best investment they can ever make."

2 weeks till Christmas!!!

Oh my golly, oh my gee! Can you believe it? How can it be?!

I just got done putting up the decorations and in just 14 days it will all be over?! I guess I need to get on the ball and finish my Christmas shopping and get it all wrapped! My cards are just about done. I made them all this year! 75 cards to be exact! I think I might be just a little bit crazy! But, with my silly ol Christmas poem that I send with them, people have just come to expect it. Be sure to let me know if you want to be added to my Christmas list- just send me an email~

Thought I'd also share a few pictures of the season so far.....
We spent an evening out with family Saturday night at Bucca de Beppo's on the Plaza, what a blast! Then Nana and Aunt Cathy joined us for a carriage ride around the Plaza to see the lights, we got the Cinderella Princess carriage and Bella perfected the wave! No coaching, I swear! It was a little colder than we would have preferred, but I think the adults enjoyed it almost as much as the kids!