Wednesday, March 26, 2008

An Easter Update

Well, there for a while, just a week before our 2nd Annual Olson Family Easter Egg Hunt, I serioulsy didn't know how we were going to pull it off. Heck, 2 weeks before the big day, my son came home from school sick- I figured it was just a 24/48 hour bug or something, but no, on day three, I finally took him to the doctor to find out it was STREP THROAT! That was Thursday- the following week was Spring Break- so two weeks of no school?! Crazy! Not only that, but my SIL was going to help out and take the kids for the weekend and then some, now that wasn't happening either?! But if I didn't think that was bad enough, I swear I felt a sinus infection coming on, so Friday, I too went to the doc.... but the meds just didn't cut it and when I couldn't for the life of me drag myself out of bed if the house would have been on fire or the Pope himself were coming to visit on Sunday and Monday too! I really thought my head would literally EXPLODE and life as I knew it would be over.... Thankfully though, we dug up some good meds and slowly saw signs of life and progress once again. An even bigger thanks goes to MOM! My miracle worker and a Saint in the making! Not only did she come and save the day, watch the kids and make sure I didn't curl up and dehydrate completely, but she helped me get things organized, dusted, cleaned and even filled more than her share of the eggs! Thanks again mom! And the kids too, another saving Grace came when my Blessed SIL met us in Eagleville to take the kids to play with their cousins for a few days! Whew! And what great fun they had too!

Then the day of the Party came!! Still unsure what the weather might bring, we couldn't have asked for much better! The sun came out and the people came in droves! And the mouths dropped as the kids hiked up the drive only to see a SEA OF EGGS everywhere they looked! I don't think anybody left unhappy or empty handed! Ok, so we had one little melt down, but nobody got hurt and the footprints on the roof of the minivan were easily wiped right off! We used to say "it's not a party until somebody spills a drink," now as parents we know "it's not a party until somebody throws a tantrum!"

Thanks again to everyone who came and helped and participated and just had a good 'ol time!

We do, We do!
Those aren't just leaves, if you look closely- you'll see each colorful spec is an egg!
FOUR THOUSAND EGGS! Filled one by one by one by one...
The kids had a blast exerting excess energy waiting for everyone to come...
Even some "big kids" (aka: Brian Baby Du Wa Du Wa Davis) were caught stealing eggs!
Inspecting their loot...The prize ticket line- over a hundred tickets were redeemed for various prizes and goodie bags to include stuffed bunnies, bendable oversized plush flowers, Hubba Bubba Max, Hot Wheels cars, Spiderman flip-flops and many more.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Little Dog Humor

This was forwarded to me and I just couldn't help but to post it. Enjoy!

If you don't pass this along, a dogwill come out and pee on your computer!
(((((Poof! )))))

Saturday, March 08, 2008

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like EASTER!

Holy EGGS!? Last night we finally decided that it was time to start getting ready for Easter around here.... Time for the Easter Explosion that is! We drug the eggs up from the basement and down from the attic- these are only the new eggs so far- who knows where everything else is and what's left of the eggs we did manage to salvage from last year!? But this should get us started. FYI- that's 75 packages of 48 eggs each = 3600 plastic eggs. What's next? Opening them and filling them all- one..... at..... a..... time...... It should go relatively quick though- once you all come over, open a bottle of wine and help me! :O) Seriously though, thank goodness for a SIL with a heart of gold! I think she's going to take some and fill them with the kids over St. Patty's weekend! And I've got fillers on order coming to the house- estimated time of delivery is Friday- so till then.... I guess I can get started with candy! And we're still debating some other options- nickels, bible versus and assorted "ticket" options in which they can "buy" or trade for bigger items that just won't fit inside an egg!?
What's this all about, you ask?! Well, for those of you who missed it last year, March 22nd, will be our 2nd Annual Olson Family Easter Egg Hunt! We're expecting a great turn out, lots of fun, plenty of eggs for everyone, and GREAT WEATHER!!! (Keep your fingers crossed!) Shoot me an email for an invitation, directions, to make a donation, questions or comments- I'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fight For Jackie

As most of you, my loyal readers may not personally know Jackie Malena, she's a friend/co-worker of mine that goes way back.... kind of sort of. Long story short (maybe)- Jackie and I met when I first started in real estate, just a few years ago, while she worked with Kristi Soligo as a Buyers agent. Jackie and I got to talking one day and it turns out that we grew up in the same neighborhood, in Walnut Creek way back when. Amazing how just a few years difference between us could make a world of difference. The funnier part of the story is that when we met then, we again lived in the same neighborhood, just a few doors down and never even knew it. And for anyone that knows Jackie, you know that in just meeting her and talking to her for the first time, that there's just an instant bond. She's just such an easy person to talk to and to get to know. And then for a stint, after having her second baby and while on an extended maternity leave, I was amazed to see her on tv one early morning, talking about her new book that she wrote about being a mom! I was so touched that I could say, "I knew her when..."

Well, now's that time, when she needs our help... she needs us to not remember her when, but to help her now! Jackie is fighting a very rare cancer, one that does not usually attack healthy, younger women, but has chosen her and challenged her to fight. She was first diagnosed when she was pregnant with her first daughter, 7 years ago and was given 6 months to live. She beat it then and carried her baby to term to deliver her happy and healthy. Then after being cancer free for 6 years, it came back. Now, Jackie is facing this with her husband and two little girls and unremourseful insurance company that has been less than helpful with her battle. I'm not going to go into depth about her story, as I know it will just make me cry (again), but I encourage you to go to her sites: and to hear her story and how you too can help.

I would also like to invite you to a luncheon being held at our office in Liberty next Tuesday, hosted by The Clemons Home Team to help benefit Jackie and her family. Please email me for more details if you'd like to come or to help in any way. Your thoughts and prayers give her strength and are greatly appreciated. Please feel free to pass this information along to anyone you know that might also be able to help.