Sunday, December 06, 2009

Days 24-28

Geepers!?  I don't know where the time has gone!?  Another busy week in the Olson Household.... 
Imagine that. 

Tuesday, Day 24
(Thankful for my daily facebook updates to keep me inline and my memory refreshed)

Karisma 'Jones' Olson thinks she just found out what her gift du jour will be today!!

I can go to starbucks and know that 5c of my wonderful cup of coffee is going to help fund aids research! Thanks Andrea!!  Starbucks Coffee Company
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Yvonne Ruffthat's cheating.
December 1 at 3:13pm · deleteKarisma 'Jones' OlsonOh how do you figure?!
Ok, I did feel a *little* nudge of guilt- so I gave another $1 to Harvesters too, fed another 5 families!!! That feels good!! I was sooooo going to Pay It Forward today- at McDonald's- it was the only drive thru on my list, but the line was FOREVER long and I only had an hour for lunch.... so I went inside instead and will have to save that one for another day.... :O)
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Wednesday, Day 25
December 2nd- Pookie's Birthday!!

Well, of course I gave him gifts!!

And I gave my bff away..... 
She packed up the house, hit the road and moved away.....
far, far, away.

But, she'll really never be more than a click awy.

Thursday, Day 26
I gave a hug.

Friday, Day 27
I did it- on the afternoon Sonic run, I decided I'd pay it forward!  So, in never having done this before, I thought, do I ask what the person behind me's total is before proceeding?  What if they're buying lunch for their office or bringing home dinner for the family?!  What if it's outrageous?  Doesn't matter.... defeats the purpose.  You just have to jump in, full forced- no going back. 

So I did.

I asked to pay for the person behind me too. 
Her total:

That felt like cheating.
But still, I bet it brought a smile to her face! :O)

Then, later in a trip to Tar-Jay with the kids, we all picked out gifts for Toys 4 Tots- no price restrictions- I just asked them to pick something they thought another child would like...
Some kids will be happy to receive-
A McDonalds cash register, complete with the burger and fries, a cool new sled and a couple packages of play-doh!! Oh what fun!!

Today- Day 28
After an early morning Holiday Extravaganza and pancake breakfast at school with the kids, the girls
(Bella, Aunt Cathy, Nana and I), we all went running around and did a little shopping too.  Our first trip was to the King Of Kings for Martin Luther Academy's annual cookie walk and while paying dearly to keep my own child well fed today, we also made sure to go out of our way to hit the Salvation Army buckets whenever they were near!!

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