Tuesday, September 19, 2006


In less than 3 weeks on the market we've got an accepted contract on our house! Whew! And everybody's happy- that's all that really matters! We had inspections today that went pretty smooth from the sounds of it and the appraiser will be out on Friday. I think I'm going to miss it though. Such a great location really- just central to everything! And the kids are really starting to get acclamated to the hood and we just love the things and all the upgrades we've done to the home. But..... the reality is that we've just outgrown the home and need to move on. Which I'm soooooo excited about! Check out a few pix of our progress at hand:

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Our house is on the market!

So, not only are we experiencing the buying side of Real Estate, for the first time ever, we also get to be sellers. However, I don't recommend going about this our way necessarily- always better to have your house at least on the market first and preferrably under contract before finding another. Anyway, this part has got to be the worst part of it. Not just getting it all ready, renting a storage unit for all our crap (to be so blunt), replacing carpet, painting and just trying to get it just as spic and span as possible and now having to keep it pristine and perfect all the time- just in case. Just in case someone wants to call at a moments notice to see or show your house. And then to hear nothing in response afterward. That really sucks! You wait on pins and needles for a showing, then finally you get the call, if possible run the vacuum, burn a candle, put out fresh cookies, wash the windows, open the blinds, put on some music and then nothing?! What's up with that? I'd rather they told me that my house sucked then to say nothing at all. But in the back of my mind, I'm just sure they're busy running their finances and working diligently with their agent to make an offer!

An update from the homefront...

Well, we closed on our new house on Friday, September 1st. We didn't think that was actually going to be possible, between loan approval, same day funding, receipt of the deed packet and everything else out of physical control; but we did it! Or I should say, they did it! We had an excellent title manager and closer who kept in communication with us every step of the way and a kick ass lender who in the end had to make some phone calls to get things pushed through that very day! Thanks Chad Burandt with Continental Title Company and John Jeffries with Plaza Mortgage!

Needless to say, we've experienced some of the fun with the home buying and getting it to close process...... Plus, we did buy it "as-is, where-is." We still chose to have a thorough inspection including termite, whole house and radon; my biggest regret is the termites. Dag nab it, we've got 'em in the wood piles near the house and our contract specifically stated that they WILL NOT treat for termites either. Good news: no major structural damage or foundation issues, the roof is ok, the HVAC system is functional and in decent working order- so nothing major to report there; plenty of other "issues" or concerns however to keep us busy for a while.

So, now for the fun part! We had the dumpster delivered just before we closed then once we were in we started ripping out that nasty, disgusting, foul smelling, urine soaked carpet! That was done in no time at all, but the scrapping and getting all the scraps and pad and little stuff seemed to take forever. We've got the ceilings all painted, the garage painted (that must be a guy thing?!), and after endless hours and days on end of looking at carpet samples and appliances and paint and knobs and pulls, I think I've finally decided on everything and just about got it all at least purchased. Visa is loving me about now! Which brings up a whole new subject.............