Monday, July 30, 2007

How Many Licks Does It Take?

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop? I'm a chomper, so I'll never know, but if you do ever find out the answer, be sure to let me know! More importantly, in my latest endeavor, I'm trying to figure out how many sticks it takes to cover a doll house!? I'm in the process of "flipping" a dollhouse. I've been dying to flip a house, just without the means, so why not start small?! That's what I thought any way! It's amazing how much all this "small stuff" costs. We started the "demolition" yesterday.... removing all the old broken, missing and damaged trim, taking out the old and dirty carpet, removing the dated wallpaper.... and I started installing the "shake shingle" roof. I suddenly have a new understanding for roofers and all that they go through! Fortunately you can buy these wooden sticks/tongue depressers in bulk quantities and my husband was wonderful enough to cut them in thirds for me, or else I think I really would be going nutso by now! Anyway, I think Bella's really getting excited for her new dollhouse, (Anthony is too, but I'm not telling! He wants one side to be a "boy side" with a room for his dog, with paw prints on it and a stone floor!) Bella just wants to make sure that we paint it PINK!! Not to worry, I've already got the Fushia paint for the sides and plan to re-trim it out in white! We'll pick out some scrapbook paper for the walls and I'm coving foam sheets with printed felt for some of the carpet- may use some remnants for other rooms, tile squares for the kitchens and I've got some mosaic pieces and grout for the bathrooms! We'll see........ first I've just got to get the roof done. Wish me luck! :O)

Friday, July 20, 2007


FINALLY!! Finally I shot the perfect macro picture!! I am so proud and excited!! After running around shooting virtual tours yesterday, hot and tired while waiting for the grill to heat up, I was checking my flowers and noticed this beautiful butterfly practically posing for the perfect picture! So, running to grab my camera out of my car, I thought what the heck, I'd try again... maybe one day I'd get a decent macro shot... Of course in my efforts to get close enough, hold the camera stable and zoom in close enough, I scared him away. Imagine that?! So I waited a few seconds (you know, I have NO patience!) then he came back and landed again. This time, he was a little higher overhead, but I just had to try. The first two shots were complete blurs as he fluttered a little, but heaven only knows how I finally got him, wings open and posing beautifully once again!! I just can't believe how great he turned out and with the perfect blurring of the background highlighting the use of the macro mode just that much more!! Yea me!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jurassic Gardens

What a great day we had today out at Powell Gardens for the Jurassic Garden exhibit! The kids had a blast searching for all the dinosaurs, walking across the trails, hoping across the streams, digging for fossil, playing in the sand and making sand angels too! We also got to see a local performer: Dino O'Dell and Dr. Rock! They were fun to sing along and dance with too!

It has been such an amazing and FAST summer so far this year! I can't believe how fast time flies!! And the past 3 weeks have just been a whirlwind in it all. First we had "summer camp" with the kids out at Schlagle Library at Wyandotte County Lake. It was great fun with a theme all about Water. The kids got to make crafts, read stories and do experiments all relating to water and nature. Then we traveled up to Iowa, so the big kids (the parents) could play at a Rock Concert~ Waterstock, all day. I know we had a blast and I'm pretty sure the kids had fun with their cousins too! Then they stayed up there the week of the fourth for "Cousin Camp" and fireworks! I think Nana and Papa had activities planned for everyday of the week!! They came home with beautiful wooden painted flowers, birdhouses and ducks too! Then this past week was Vacation Bible School at Avalanche Ranch!! Boy did they have fun there! They're still singing and dancing and doing all the moves! It was really a wonderful experience for all of us and they're already talking about going again next year too!!

And in the midst of all of this, we decided to take the bull by the horns and go and visit the local Lutheren school here too. We were so impressed with the principal, Mr. Karsten and our tour that we decided right then and there that this is the experience we want for Anthony. Not only is it a Christ centered education teaching morals, ethics and discipline, but it's more of a community feel, with total parent/teacher involvement and interaction the way I always thought it should be. And instead of teaching to the middle of the road, or keeping "on pace," they will teach to your child's ability and advance at their pace! I'm so excited about this decision and can't wait to meet the other parents of kindergarteners at our first "social" next weekend!

My work has been keeping me busy and running around like a chicken with my head cut off lately..... Especially with the virtual tours!! I'm loving that! I think just in the past two weeks alone, I've done nearly a dozen or more tours! Plus there's my own Real Estate business that's been moving right along and I'm still doing the books for dad! Unfortunately, however, just when I thought things were going to start picking up with my Big Yellow Box business, we received notice this week, that they've decided to close the doors....... :O( I am thankful for the opportunity however and am still a true believer in their products and what they stand behind. Bringing families together is absolutely more important now than ever before and I can only hope that they decide to go forward with this line and hopeful at least find a place for it along the side of Crayola in their stores and online as well.

Hopefully that will catch you up, if not just briefly, but at least for the time being. Stay tuned for more as things may slow down a bit and enable just a post or two more from time to time! :O)