Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Did you hear the rumor about the germ?

Oh, never mind..... I hate to spread those things!

Ok, so we're all moved in! Well, all our stuff is at the new house anyway. We're still living out of boxes and searching for a few necessities, but hey, I did find my toothbrush yesterday and my husbands deoderant this morning. We've only been there since Saturday, but who's counting? Don't freak out, we had spares! But seriously, just a word to the wise: pack a suitcase as if you were going on a business trip when you move that way you do have all of those necessities right at hand and some nice clothes too, just in case you have to go back to work before everything's unpacked and put away! Otherwise you could be like me wearing a skirt and boots to work with an old hoodie as a jacket since I haven't found the box with our coats and jackets in them yet! Good thing it's only supposed to drop to 40 degrees this afternoon. :P

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Kristen said...

i hear ya sister! thankfully we moved when it started to warm up!