Saturday, September 22, 2007

Family Weekend!

Anthony swimming, diving and belly flopping at the Hotel- WITHOUT a lifejacket! Running with the big cousins and having a BLAST!! My how he's (they've) grown....

Bella's not one to be afraid of the water by any means either! And such the little negotiater.... you should have seen her kissing on her daddy to throw her "just one more time, or maybe just ten?!" And for the first time ever- swimming alone with her lifejacket, letting it hold her up without being attached to mommy!! I didn't even know that was possible!!

Over the summer, at "cousin camp" Anthony mastered the tree climbing, so of course he just couldn't resist showing off just a little bit!!

Tree hugger alert! Although she can't quite get up there all herself, she sure does love being up in the trees with her big brother!! I'm sure she's thinking, "anything he can do, I can do better..." or at least cuter!

I was trying for Five Little Monkeys in a Tree....... sometimes, you just take what you can get. :O)

Everybody really enjoyed a day at Adventureland! Here we have 5 Little Frogs saying "Ribbit!"

Anthony and Jonah got in this Big Truck, while Anthony motioned to his sister to get in back! She drove the Big Blue Truck right on their tail the whole time!

Aunt Tam and Uncle Jim enjoyed a Ferris Wheel ride with me and Bella. A nice relaxing ride, till the mom in Tam slipped out when Bella was trying to get up and look over the side!

Olivia and Bella enjoy another fun ride together!

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