Thursday, May 22, 2008

That's My Life...

Bella poses with her baby Emma

Anthony finishes 2nd in the 50 yard dash on Field Day!

The boys exchange Pokemon cards....

The Kansas City Northern Railroad at Line Creek

A great ride- without mom

Anthony masters the art of "two wheel" bike riding!

(No more training wheels!)

Tonight's visitor....

And just in case I missed him, he came back for a second "pose!"

Still no laptop..... the service center in Kentucky did finally call tonight to verify that they've received it and for only $250 they'll back up my hard drive for me before destroying it.... Well, I'm not big on believing that the third time's a charm on this one- if it couldn't be done twice before, I'm pretty sure it's just plain done and fried! So anyway...... I just thought I'd give you a quick catch up on my life since then. Enjoy!

And if you get a chance and can vote within the next 24-72 hours..... could you check out my kids video entries and vote for them?! And if you've missed the voting window, that's ok too- feel free to check out their musical talent anyway.

Thanks a million and have a GREAT Memorial Day Weekend!

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