Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ok, so this is where the real life part comes in.... I'm sure that everyone wants to learn more about the basics of agency and contracts and home inspections and what not- and not to worry, I'll still keep posting news you can use. But my reality is seriously technically challenged right now. And the humor in it all is that I'm missing my favorite reality shows: Big Brother 7- All Stars and Rock Star Supernova! Ok, so being a busy Realtor and mother of two (ages 2 &4), I need my DVR to be working appropriately so that I can follow my shows and catch up on my laptop while doing laundry deep into the wee small hours of the morning. :P So, anyone out there that can help- I'd greatly appreciate it. I have an LG- DVR w/ built in hard drive- LRM-519. It has to be connected to the internet to connect to Microsoft Program Guide in order for me to have my program guides updated and followed when recording a series...... anyway, despite all my best efforts, I just can't get it to "connect!" I've unplugged all my connections, replugged and reconnected, but nothing- and OBVIOUSLY I can still get online or I wouldn't be as I sit and type. Some days, my feelings about technology are really love and hate. And yes, I do realize that if only all my problems could be so disasterous..... I mean seriously, I could be the Kansas City Chiefs trying to pick out a new touchdown theme song. :P

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