Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"Mommy Stay Home Day"
That's what we call Wednesday's.... It's our special day together. And today, we spent it at the pool! Too fun! And a little too much sun. The kiddos had a BLAST and are sleeping like sweet little babies tonight! Enjoy a few snapshots that really tell a story of their own.

Anthony's addicted to diving! Bella loves swimming in deep water...

Now, for my technology update...... FIXED! Thanks for listening. And as I catch up on my Rock Star Supernova, super saga.... THANK YOU! FINALLY T-Lee and the boys are listening to me and they're making multiple cuts! I thought the first 3 rockers in the bottom three should have been cut right then and there to save all the rest of us the torture...... And what's up with Zayra? I think people are voting for her just so we won't have to listen to her again. :P Well, that's all for tonight, peace out and rock on!

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