Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Crayola Playland

Today we saw Santa at Crown Center! What fun the kids had at the Crayola playland there too! So, what did they ask for this year from Santa? Anthony asked for a Power Ranger Kick set and a Power Ranger game and some Transformers while Bella asked for a stroller. She also told me that she wanted him to bring her a rocking chair and some flowers. Our friend Sarah told him that she wanted some toys to play with. Trust me, that girl has toys! But it truly makes me think and to reflect upon the simplicity and innocence of the desires they have, while we commercialize the holidays so much and try to buy them everything that we can possibly afford. And then the sweetness and tenderness within my son was really brought out when he pleaded with me to go back to see Santa again as there were some things that he forgot to tell him, of course I agreed, and when we got there, he told Santa that he needed him to bring mommy a cash register and daddy a robot and not to forget nana and papa too- that they really needed a plate and a fork as they really enjoy cooking. And that was why he needed so badly to go back, to see Santa to ask him to bring thing for others. So sweet and so thoughtful. I hope you enjoy the pictures. (I'll keep working on them- uploaded twice, but still nothing....) Third time was NOT a charm... I guess it was the fourth time that made it work! :P

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Kristen said...

Great pictures. I am going to give uploading a try this morning...wish me luck!