Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Double Dare

Yup, it's a snapper! We were up at mom and dad's Monday night so that Anthony could ride his four wheeler when dad spotted something moving around and sticking his head out every now and again... After a little more consideration and some investigation, it was determined to be a rather large, but slow snapping turtle. But that didn't stop Tony any, from antagonizing it and poking and proding him and even picking him up by the tail. The kids really got a hoot out of it and went screaming and running. The cats on the other hand were just as curious as ever! I think that was the best part, watching them go check out the situation. My favorite is the ever so brave "Tipper," challenging the turtle to a dare... I can't believe after all the torment, that turtle didn't just stick his head out and snap that paw right off of that cat!

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Great pictures!