Friday, May 25, 2007

Whatever happened to May?!

Ok, so I'm in the midst of finalizing the details of a contract with another agent and he's emailed me the final signatures on the counter and I respond with thanks and a heads up regarding inspections... My "signature" in all my emails includes a link back to my blog, for free "sneak peaks" and whatnot. So, after reading my email and checking out the blog- he sent me the link to his really cool site on FlickR- HE UPDATES IT DAILY!! Wow, now I really feel like a slacker! :O)

So, I thought, gee, it's May already, I've got a few posts... I'll check my May 2007 pictures folder and see what I have new and wonderful to post... NOTHING! I've got a few shots of my kids after garage saling and picking up some new Fisher Price Roller Blades for my son. THAT'S ALL! Then it really dawned on me that it's the END OF MAY!! Wherever did the time go!? Well....... here's my life in a snapshot... Still working on Real Estate~ in fact, I'm now also working with Janet Brooks (another agent gone wild in my office) as her transaction coordinater and then some, I'm growing my virtual tour business- taking pictures and making tours left and right!! I'm in the middle of weekend number two, day 4 of 5 in mom and I's GINORMOUS, SUPER HUGE GARAGE SALE! and I'm turning into neurotic-mom with a KINDERGARDENER-2-be!! So, needless to say, I've been a little busy and my blog's not the only thing that's taken the backseat lately- you should see my house!! AAA! Thank goodness for Social Suppers! (I think?!) Oh yes, and did I mention, Bunko, Social Suppers, Pampered Chef parties and more?!

So, for all you parents out there... I'd love to hear from you and get your opinion: Public School vs Private School?! Lutheren Schools? Is there really that big of a difference? Sorry, I don't have the time, patience or sanity for home schooling...

My Mother's Day Plate that we made for Great Grandma Jones...

"Wednesday Kids 2007"

Anthony and Isabella, May 2007 (I just couldn't resist this one!!)

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