Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Backyard Visitors

These pictures aren't the greatest as they were taken through the backdoor and at a distance, but I just had to "shoot" this buck the other day when he stopped by for a visit!

Of course, the doe momma wasn't quite as pleased with his visit! She put him in his place and made sure he kept his distance so she and he two fawns could come and chow down on the corn we put out! It's so nice to share our dinners together as we can see them from our table!!

This cute little guy came by yesterday. With all the rain we had, Tony thinks maybe his den got flooded. Poor guy was out in broad daylight, very unusual for our nocturnal little friends. He was scavengering right along, until I just had to grab the camera and go right out- that startled him a little so he scurried right up the tree! Boy those guys sure can climb!

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