Saturday, January 05, 2008

Christmas Updates...

Better late than never, I guess!
Enjoy a short clip from Anthony's school Christmas program:
(It was so sweet and he was so tired.... sorry about the "shakey" video, but Bella just insisted on sitting perfectly still on my lap like a lady the whole time! And no, I have no idea who's phone that was that rang?! Just push play and enjoy!)

A few more Christmas favorites- just for fun!

Christmas cookies!! Yummm!

Daddy helped make the Gingerbread house while they decorated! YUM!

I just loved this picture of my tired little Princess who got all "dressed up," literally, for Christmas Eve Services.

Our cute little Elf on Christmas morning!

Elf #2 on "Santa daddy's" lap and posing for the camera Christmas morning?! I know that couldn't be Bella?!

Some of our favorite gifts:

Me: a GPS- finally!!! Now, if I could just work out all the kinks... :O)

Tony: probably just a whole day off without any "honey-do's" and I think the "family gift" that Santa brought, that fills our entire play room- An Official ESPN Air Hockey Table! (As if he'll ever actually have or take the time to play it.)

Anthony: Darth Vader to Death Star Transformer and other various Star Wars Transformers

Bella: Emma- her new baby that responds to "mommy" and reacts w/ her bottle, blanket and bear, plus the other four babies she got- especially baby "Princess Leah" that came with a walker with a feeding table and her own plush carrier, which she bought after Christmas with her own Christmas money!

Speaking of which- who would have ever thought that a 4 and 5 year old could have so much fun spending "their own" money! Mom had to pick up the tax of course, but they really had fun shopping and budgeting for their own thing. But come on, they just got like a hundred new toys, I would have thought it should have been harder to find something that they didn't already have?! But no, it's just amazing how that list goes on and on.

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Anonymous said...

This was interesting. Good to see Anthony in his program. Grandma and Grandpa