Monday, February 18, 2008

My Baby Boy Turns SIX

Only a mom can relate to the feeling you feel as your babies grow up.... Here are a few pictures of the fun we shared as Anthony turned six on Valentine's Day.

On Wednesday, we celebrated "crazy hair day" at school in part of Spirit Week. What a hoot, with a blue spiked mohawk!

And then on Thursday at his school Valentine/Birthday party, they really had fun doing the Chicken dance! I thought about uploading the video- it's way too cute!!

We then headed up to Iowa where Anthony wanted to celebrate and party with his cousins! We stayed at the Comfort Suites and swam most of the day and into the night! Of course, we had to take a break for the party, presents and the pinata! I actually found a pinata of Darth Vader's head that now doubles as a really cool whole head mask without any eye holes to see through.... We also had fun playing "stick the control panel on Darth Vader," I think the best part was when we put the "mask" around Tony's head and gave him a spin too! The kids really had fun and even though there were only four kids total, nobody seemed to miss the crowds!!

Although it had been forcasted, the snow still came on Sunday morning! We decided after they had closed down KCI airport that morning and after hearing the amounts of rain they got ahead of the snow and the fact that it was supposed to continue on all day and into the night, that we'd just hang out with the family and enjoy a snow day with everyone! The kids had a blast playing with the Wii and then sledding and building snowmen outside! -Don't be surprised if you see the last picture again next Christmas! :O) Back to the winter storm though- even though it didn't last as long or get as bad as they thought, with the crazy winds and the 14 cars that we counted still in the ditches on the way home today- we think we made a pretty good decision! And the fact that the kids had a blast and got to spend more time with their cousins, that was priceless!


Tamera said...

I wish we could have been there. We had a conference at our church that we were in charge of. Hope it was a great weekend!

Karisma Olson said...

We missed you and "the big cousins" too!