Friday, February 22, 2008

Six Degrees

As a Realtor in Kansas City, I'm always learning something, connecting with someone, maintaining databases, marketing and what not- all that on top of helping others to buy and sell real estate of course! So, in my endeavors to try to organize and grow my business and increase my web traffic, I've been getting more involved with websites like Twitter, Active Rain and Linked In. What's really inspired all of this and revived my interest again is my involvement and entrepreneurial business with my virtual tours and the company that I'm associated with in them~ Real Tour Vision. As a sort of challenge/assignment with them to help increase your web traffic, I'm working with a blogging group and trying to figure it all out. So stay tuned for more blogging! My biggest concern is that being actively involved with 3 different blogs- this one, Active Rain and RTV, that means 3x the blogging! I don't know that I lead an interesting enough life to support that much blogging. So please feel free to let me know what you're interested in reading about or else you might just have to hear about what's for dinner, what's on tv and what the kids are learning about in school. LOL!

Ok, so I digress..... back to my six degrees... As I mentioned- I'm signing up and really beginning to dig in to these "connecting" websites too. Linked In has become one of my favorites in which you invite your contacts to "Link In" as well, they ask their contacts to "Link In" to them and so on- as you check your contacts and your contacts contacts, you can easily see how everyone is connected. As you search the site and jobs and for people, it shows you the degrees of connection to you, if any, that each person has. It's really amazing! I'm thinking that as my contact base grows and theirs grows in turn, it shouldn't be long before we all have our own "Six Degrees" to Kevin Bacon, Donald Trump or possibly even Barack Obama!? So be sure to accept my invitation and sign on in to check it out yourself and get involved!! You never know when one of these contacts may come in handy!! (If you didn't get an invitation, please send me your email address and I'll send you one soon!)

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