Monday, March 05, 2007

The Big Daylight Savings Scare

Ok, first let me appologize for the forever late announcement... Issues with signing into this darn account!! FINALLY, I've risen above and conquered and I'M BACK!

Now, as for the big Atomic Clock Scare Warnings.... Simply put, this year, some wonder genius has decided to move daylight savings up 3 weeks. Typically it's the first Sunday in April, this year it's THIS WEEKEND- the 10th of MARCH. So, needless to say, the preprogrammed atomic clocks, don't know about this HUMAN change in plans. Will this stop time? No. Will our computers all shut down, never to start up again? Will our digital watches just run on and on in mad chaos? Probably not. The sun will still come up and continue to shine, the rain will still run it's course, flowers will still bloom in the spring... Time will go on. It just might not be accurate without a little manual manipulation or about a three week wait. At least that's my take on it and my opinion. I'll go ahead and "cut" you in on the Washington Post's point of view and let you come to your own conclusions.....

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