Thursday, March 15, 2007

Northland Extreme Makeover

Ok, so they're half way through the makeover event in the Northland, but for those of you not from KC, you may not have heard about Ty and his team in the area. So, I thought I'd share a quick tidbit about the family and the "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" even to hit our area (again)!

"Jesus and Michelle Jacobo had four children of their own when they took in Michelle's five nieces and nephews to keep them out of foster care, according to family members. Then Michelle's father moved in to help out. But as the 912-square foot home began to show wear and tear, the nieces and nephews were at risk of being taken into foster care anyway."

"The family - which now includes the Jacobos' children Antonio, 13; Jessica, 11; Joshua, 9; and Gabriel, 4; as well as nieces and nephews Natalie Rodriguez, 18; Brittany McMahan, 16; Tyler Simmons, 11; Angel McMahan, 8; and Miriam McMahan, 6 months - will head off to vacation in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., as crew members and hundreds of volunteers and workers demolish the home and replace it with a more expansive and efficient one so the extended family can stay together."

Prior to this makeover the family was crammed together forcing Jesus and Michelle to sleep in the unheated garage, the 3 boys to live in teh basement hallway and the grandfather to sleep on the living room floor. One bedroom has no heat and has often had ice forming on the walls in the winter. Due to unrepairable clogging in the bathroom sink, the family must brush their teeth in the kitchen sink and take turns eating in shifts or sitting on the floor as the kitchen cannot accommodate everyone.

Demolition began Tuesday morning and will run through Saturday, concluding and participating in the Kansas City Saint Patrick's Day Parade! The family will return for the big "reveal" Sunday afternoon!

Kevin Green Homes Inc. of Parkville that also participated in the "Extreme Makeover" 2 years ago for firefighter Stephen Johnson and his five children will also do the Jacobo home.

Information and quotes from; Joyce Smith, The Kansas City Star.

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