Monday, March 05, 2007

Big Yellow Box by Crayola

Ok, so I added the link to my site, but failed to tell you all about it... I cannot believe that! Things have been crazy, and I've just been out of the blogging loop. I hate to update post after post all in one night- I think you need time to "absorb." Whatever?!

So, about Big Yellow Box, by Crayola. Have you heard of it yet? If so, then you know what all my craze and excitement is all about! If not, then you've got to sit back and be prepared to hear all about the newest and latest division of Crayola and Hallmark! Let me first ask you, what do you think of when you hear the word Crayola? Quality, Fun, Excitement, Creative? That's what Big Yellow Box is all about! Fun and exciting ways to rekindle creativity, to get together and create all inclusive projects with endless possibilities for kids from 3 to 93!

I just discovered Big Yellow Box last month and JUMPED RIGHT IN! I couldn't wait to get started! I received my consultant's starter kit on Valentine's Day and have been opening boxes, creating projects and just having a blast ever since! I really feel that this direct sales business is just on the verge of booming! And what better market to be in at the breaking ground! For more information please feel free to visit them at and of course, keep checking back here as I post more stories and inspirations about the latest and greatest products, offers, specials and sales going on. Feel free to email me anytime for more information too about purchasing any of the products, hosting your own Big Yellow Box party or even becoming a consultant yourself and starting your own Big Yellow Box business!

And just in case you were wondering..... I'm still doing Real Estate full-time 100%, this part is just for fun! And yes, I'm still involved and volunteering for NAWS- Northland Animal Welfare Society and updating the website as well as recruiting sponsors, contributions and donations for our upcoming 1st Annual Ruff Ride Dice Run on June 16th!! As always, your cooperation and support in any and or all of my endeavors is truly and greatly appreciated!

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