Sunday, March 18, 2007

Extreme Makeover Reveal

Ok, so today was the big reveal for the Extreme Makeover and my mom and I thought we'd go and check it out! The only thing I could find online was that the reveal would be "about noon." So at 11:00am this morning when I saw that, I called mom and told her to come right over- and she did! I hadn't even showered yet! :O) So, I hurried and got ready and we ran right over to the shuttle sight! They shuttled us right up to the crowds and we rushed right in and pushed our way through and stood on tippy toes and inched our way just as far as we could. I, of course, inched my way further and further, nearly to the barracades on the sidelines and we were down just about as far as they were letting the common folk get... I finally found a little slope that I could just barely peek through and if I held the camera up over the heads and zoomed in just right, you could even see the house! We stood there and waited and cheered and chanted as they keyed up the crowd and filmed and taped and recorded some footage. They practiced bringing their new cars in, a new convertible black Mustang, a new black Excursion (I think) and another new big 'ol black Ford truck, we cheered. They brought down the bus, we cheered and chanted. They did takes of the limo pulling up to the house (empty), we cheered... After about 3 hours, it got old. I was hungry and thirsty more than anything- I hadn't had my Diet Coke yet! So, we high taled it out of there! It was a pretty amazing experience and I'm glad we went. I think we left just in time though, as we were shuttling back, we saw the limo with the family in it on their way for the true reveal! I can only imagine how many takes they were going to have to do... I think our timing was perfect really, as I'm sure we beat the crowds leaving too.

It's truly amazing though, how much they can accomplish in less than a week! So many volunteers put countless numbers of hours into making this possible. They've collected money through various events, local participation and the St. Patty's Day Parade! They've transformed a 912 square foot house into a 5200+ square foot home, with 6 bedrooms and 6.5 baths, given them 3 brand new cars, had college funds donated to each child and collected enough money to allow them to go on! I can't wait to see this all when it airs in May. Till then, here's a sneak peek of my glimpse into todays madness:

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