Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Holiday Preparations....

From pigtails for daddy's birthday to finally getting to sit on Santa's lap.... this month has just FLOWN by! I think the Miracle On Main Street played a big part with that, but it was sooooo worth it! Honestly, how could anyone resist the cutest little shepherd up there?! And tomorrow night he'll preform once again in his school's Christmas program as well! So with a night off tonight, we took advantage of the weeknight and the good weather and headed downtown to visit the best Santa in town at Crown Center! Uncle Jay even went! We met Sarah and Christopher there as well- it's sort of become a family tradition! And thankfully Sarah and Anthony could fill each other's sibling absense on Santa's lap as well! And after a small melt down from Bella because we couldn't stay and play any longer and then after realizing that by not sitting on Santa's lap he wouldn't know what she wanted for Christmas, I had to promise to help her write a letter to him that we could send to the North Pole right away!! That seemed to help make everything better, plus of course the promise of food.... :O)

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