Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like CHRISTmas!

2007 Ice Storm

291 Hwy East of 169 Hwy

Waukomis Drive- South of 68th Street (plus 3 close-ups)

Ok, so did I pick a great time to decide to wanna do a Holiday Lights Tour or what?! I swear, as soon as I sent my emails and made my post, we entered into a winter twilight zone?! The ice storm fortunately wasn't nearly as bad as they had predicted was actually quite a beautiful scene. However, it did make for quite the catastophic event just North of us in St. Joseph, MO and shut things down for a while here too. At least we never lost power here (at my house) and we kept busy with plenty to do around the house too! We made our gifts for the grandparents and teachers (at least we started them) and some cookie dough and crafts too..... Hopefully this weekend we can even finish what we started!?

Anyway.... we finally made it out of the house yesterday, for Anthony's Christmas Musical dress rehearsal and tried to get some pictures of a couple of Extreme Lights ~only to find out that those pictures are a little harder to take than one might think!! Of course, a few obstacles like busy roads and kids in the backseat of the minivan always help! And the snow coming down and wanting to get in the shot was a little distracting too for some reason! But still, you get the jist....

Enjoy and keep the stories and locations coming!! I will do my best to get out and about and shoot what I can.

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