Monday, December 10, 2007

The Northlands Extreme Tacky Lights Tour

After watching HGTV all day yesterday and putting up my Christmas decorations at last... I saw an episode about Richmond, VA's Tacky Lights Tour. It was great. They actual go out and tour those homes that go to the extremes- no holds barred! They interview the homeowners and have minimums that must be met- I think they said the first year was something like 10,000 lights, but now it's more like 30,000 just to be considered! It was crazy to hear some of the stories and the extra breaker boxes and re-wiring people have done to accommodate 100's of thousands of lights and animated Christmas ornaments and blow-ups and everything else you can imagine! They start their designing and planning and building in April for lights they put up sometime in the fall. It's just amazing! Go to to see what it's all about!

I'd just love to get something like this started here in the Kansas City Northland area. I know I have always enjoyed driving around and looking at the lights and now especially in sharing this time with the kids and to see the wonder in their eyes as they see them too. But how much more fun would it be to actually track these amazing homes that really go all out and to route it and show them off?! I think it'll be great and I can't wait to see all the entries come pouring in! So, send me your stories, your interviews, your pictures and addresses too so that we can create our own Northland Extreme Lights Tour....... it'll be fun!

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